28 déc. 2013

Automated splascreens for mobile and tablet applications

When creating mobile or tablet applications, your assets take time to load. Wether you prefer native or hybrid development, you end up customizing splashcreens for each of the screen resolutions, layout modes (portrait or landscape). This work is a bit cumbersome and no responsive technics exist in this field.

I have come up with a nice solution that takes a single PNG file as input. This file must be designed with every constraints in mind. Therefore, I also provide a canevas that helps out its creation:

Once done, using Grunt and my plugin grunt-phonegapsplash, creating all your required splashscreens is a matter of a single command line.

Here is the basic workflow that it automatically handles for you :

The canevas and the source file are available on Github. The plugin is easily installed via npm.