14 juil. 2014

Jade within Atom.io: Fasten your HTML and SVG authoring and template debugging

When writing HTML, XML, SVG or templates based on this language, it is cumbersome to open and close tags. Even with a good editor that closes tags for you or a good plugin that write snippet codes, you end up with unreadable and long source files. Jade removes this hassle by providing a simple and elegant code that transpiles to tagged code.

Here's an example of Jade transpiled to HTML:

However, it is sometime handy to seen what your generated code will look like. I've published another Atom.io plugin that preview the generated results with ctrl+alt+j.

The package is available on Atom.io's repository: https://atom.io/packages/jade-compile
And its code source is available on Github: https://github.com/PEM--/jade-compile