17 mai 2014

Famo.us gulped bumped to v0.2.0

I've just updated my sample project for building a Famo.us v0.2.0 with Gulp.

I've also added a simple example to show how you can use the HeaderFooterLayout to layout the basis of your SPA:
Look at how simple it is to set content so that it takes advantage of the complete browser's height and width. Centering content is so easy as well. No funny tricks, just a simple code that works well on mobile, tablet and regular desktop browsers.

HeaderFooterLayout = require 'famous/views/HeaderFooterLayout'
layout = new HeaderFooterLayout
  headerSize: 100
  footerSize: 50
mainContext.add  layout
layout.header.add new Surface
  content: 'Header'
  size: [undefined, 100]
  classes: ['header-surface']
    lineHeight: '100px'
    textAlign: 'center'
layout.content.add new Surface
  content: 'Content'
  size: [undefined, undefined]
    lineHeight: '300px'
    textAlign: 'center'
layout.footer.add new Surface
  content: 'Footer'
  size: [undefined, 50]
  classes: ['footer-surface']
    lineHeight: '50px'
    textAlign: 'center'